I work with singers preparing for events ranging from Broadway auditions to classical recitals. I have helped performers book Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, roles in Regional Theatre productions, New Readings/Workshops, and Cruise Lines. Credits:

I improve/refine your audition technique: focusing on breathing, control of phrases, and diction so you have more control over how you interpret the material.  I work with voice teachers and can address vocal tension, support and placement.

I can suggest new songs and help you find the repertoire best suited for your voice. I have an extensive and diverse musical library.

I play auditions frequently.  I can show you how to easily communicate with the accompanist at an audition, conveying tempos, style, and cuts.

I coach from my home in Washington Heights. I am also open to working in midtown if that is preferable. (studio rental fees are not included).

My rate is $75, studio rental fee not included.

Please contact me for further details.

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“I had the honor and pleasure of working with Micah Young as Musical Director in a brand new musical last summer.  He agreed to meet me way before our first rehearsal, just to get a “feel” for how we worked together.  Micah played through the entire score beginning to end for me and we talked about each individual song and where it sat in the importance of the story as well as for my character.  As an actress, that afternoon was worth its weight in gold!  All I remember is how much we instantly laughed and how we spoke the same language, had the same sensibilities and overall approach to new material and this project.  It was heartwarming to know that this Young (pun intended) Musical Director was not only a master pianist, but understood how a score must enhance the story.  You will find no one more dedicated, fun, ego-free or sensitive to work with!  Continued love and successes Micah!”

-Lynne Wintersteller


Aaron Gleason  “My theory of what one needs to look for in a teacher goes something like this: what makes them tick?  Some of them want to mentor.  For some, teaching is a social scene, or just their personally curated clique.  I’ve experienced all types of teachers in this business, and I have to say, my relationship with Micah Young has been one of the most life changing and important.  He’s all business.  He’s not austere, or unwelcoming—but he’s going to let you know what the industry standard is for professionalism and he’ll get you there.  He definitely gave me a “you need a talkin’ to!” moment, and I’m thankful.  He’s also been one of the most loyal friends I’ve come to have–coming to all my shows, even the ones in small black box theaters attended by 30 people.  In terms of teaching style, he’s there to let you know what to expect, and how to prepare.  Read his blog!! It is very valuable to people who want to be professional in musical theater.  I look forward to carrying on my studies with this wonderful teacher and friend.”

– Aaron Gleason


“Micah is a gifted musician, and has the abilityWendi Bergamini to play any style of music with ease. He listens to me as a singer, and has enhanced my artistry & confidence from his coachings. Generous, specific, and encouraging, Micah has greatly improved my auditions. As a music director and audition accompanist, he knows what they are looking for on the other side of the table. I have even hired him to play my auditions, he’s that good! I highly recommend Micah for his amazing knowledge of musical theatre rep, and strong ability to coach material from a dramatic standpoint to give the best audition.”

-Wendi Bergamini




Joseph Medeiros 269“Micah is great. He knows what he’s talking about. He knows the technical aspects of music and is able to use that knowledge to help the singer, both on a technical level as well as on an interpretive level. He knows what auditions are like and how to get the most out of your relationship with an accompanist in the room. But he’s not just a serious musician, he’s a fun, lighthearted, warm, approachable person who genuinely wants the people he coaches to reach their highest potential. He gets a lot done while keeping the atmosphere easy. Go see him!”

-Joseph Medeiros


You guys. I just had THE BEST COACHING, and it wasn’t because of how I sounded Elyse-312_8x10or the music- it was 1000% THE COACH! Micah Young is absolutely amazing; he creates a safe space, is an INSANELY talented pianist, totally speaks my language, and is all about not only giving you innovative tools to help you present yourself well in the room, but also learning how to speak to yourself in order to sustain and soften your journey within this industry. So grateful to have serendipitously met him! Coach with him. And also become obsessed with his blog that’s featured on Broadway World.

-Elyse Moon