Dare I Say Love

From The Story of Bea and Ben, this is a song about a young man, George awestruck by a young woman, Lily, he sees at a party.  He contemplates what he should do and if he should approach her.

Dare I Say Love


Dare I say love?

Dare I say hello?

Dare I walk right up to her,

And whisper something low?


Dare I make my way?

Dare I make a move?

Dare I pardon the crowd between us?

Dare I show my face?

Dare I crack a smile;

Would she approve?


Could I admit?

Would she allow?

If I commit, and she’d permit, well…

That’s not how it happens anyhow.


If I were bold,

Should I show strength?

But being bold

There runs the risk,

So I’ve been told

Many times at great length.


Dare I approach?

Dare I reach out?

Dare I confuse her,

Or have—then refuse her,

Would that extinguish the doubt?


Dare I say something,
Make something from nothing;

From cold to hot,

Looking for nothing and knowing that’s not true?

Then what do you do?


Dare I get firm?

Dare I show some resolve?

Speak in a low voice,

Make her my one choice,

What would that involve?


Dare I say love?

Maybe just hello?

Still standing still,

What will that fulfill?

There’s no way to know.

Dare I say love?

Perhaps say hello.