Here We Are/So Many Men

From The Story of Bea and Ben, this is another moment where a young man, George, is speechless in sight of a beautiful woman, Lily, whom he hasn’t even met yet. Lily then enters a party and sees all the potential suitors in the room.  She is determined to impress, only to find she can’t help hiding her inexperience with men.

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Here We Are:So Many Men

Here We Are/So Many Men

(George enters the party and sees Lily across the room. He is struck by her beauty)

It’s not just the wine,
It’s not just the mood,
It’s not just the air,
Or the taste of the food.
It’s not just the sounds of the atmosphere
That leaves this music ringing in my ear, now.

It’s not just the crowd,
It’s not just the chatter,
It’s not just the host
That makes the ev’ning matter.
It’s not just the friends, or the friends who toast,
That makes this ev’ning matter the most.

I think she’s caught my breath.
I think it’s hard to tell.
I may be close to death,
But what the hell?
I could make a move, just not all I got.
I sup-pose I care a little–a lot.
Remember the rule: be bold but not.

Still I’m caught,
Still I stare,
Still I aught to come up for air,
No matter what they say,
Even from afar…
Here we are.

(Lights fade on George and rise on Lily, across the party oblivious to him)

First I’ll flit
Then a flight
To emit and ex-cite,
And then I’ll sit,
Have a bite,
And a bit of the sight
Of the room that’s full
Of a dozen men,

Then I’ll take
What’s at hand,
And I’ll shake with command
But not to make
Such a stand
As to stake out some land
In the room that’s full
Of a dozen men,

So many men,
Surrounding diff’rent views
How could I deny them?
So many men
Makes it hard to choose;
Why choose when I can try them?
So many men,
I’ll not take one, but ten!

(Lights up on George, he is slowly working his way through the crowd toward Lily)

It’s not just her stance
That’s caught my stare.
It’s not just a glance
That has me aware.
It’s not just the night,
It’s not just her style,
It’s not just the wait
That makes the night worthwhile.

(George works up his courage to approach Lily)
George: (muttering, ad lib) No, I should talk about her style, her style, yes, I mean the way she’s dressed right now Her face! Oh God, her face, it’s so classic! Uh, No her stance; the way she’s standing right now.

Lily: Excuse me?

George: I saw the room across your face, and I’m very aware of your stance right now.
I mean your face… is in style. No… uh… what I’m trying to…
(He starts again) How do you do?

Lily: How do I do… what?

George: I mean hello.

Lily: (Clearly flustered) Um.. Goodbye!
(She retreats and lights fade out on George)

Say hello
Then goodbye,
Get to know don’t ask why,
Keep the flow
Or I’ll die,
Gotta go reapply
For a hundred men,

(Lily regains her composure and approaches George)
Lily: Hello again.

George: Sorry about before, you see, I’m not so good with my words.

Lily: Oh no, no. You speak… lovely, really lovely.

George: Oh, thanks. This is my first party.

Lily: It’s mine too!

George: We have so much in common!

Lily: We do!

George: I’m George!

Lily: I’m Lily!

George: Lily…

I think she’s caught my breath
I think it’s hard to tell.
I may be close to death,
But what the hell?
I could gather my strength, calm but not flushed.
Take a deep breath, speak low not hushed,
Make a new path slow not rushed.
Still I’m caught.
Still I stare.
Still I aught to come up for air.

Even now it seems so bizarre.

And yet here we are.