Simple Way

This is a stand-alone song written in honor of Miracle House, which is an organization that provides housing and support services for patients and families undergoing treatment at area medical facilities. This song is about a character contemplating what it means to be hopeful when there appears to be so little of it; he/she then finds comfort in all the simple ways someone has been there for them, someone has taken care of them. Sung by Michael Winther.

Simple Way

What do you do?
When you don’t feel at all?
Do you grieve?
Or hope, and believe,
When the hope feels so small?

Do you measure the pain in spite of the size?
Do you measure the gain, when in your eyes its barely in view?
What do you do?

The simple way you make time to spare,
The simple way you make time seem rare.
The simple way you show how to live,
And do you know all the joy you give?

A simple gesture, a simple glance,
A small connection a second chance.
A quiet place, a friendly face to calm my fear,
An open curtain, to make certain you are near,
To feel at once the hope arrive,
And all at once it’s good to be alive!

The simple way there’s an open door.
I never felt so much hope before.
The simple way when you hold my hand,
You look at me and you understand;

The hope is more than words can say,
And still you give in such a simple way.