If All Else Fails

I wrote this song to bring the main characters of “The Story of Bea and Ben” back together. It seemed fitting for a couple after WWI to share their feelings in terms of if all else is gone, we still have each other. Their journey through the show is one of discovering what truly matters. To read more check out my projects page. Enjoy!

New Songs!

“It Wasn’t Love At All,” is a duet between the leading couple, Bea and Ben. This takes place at the beginning of the show, and is their first encounter in many years. Both try to keep their feelings hidden from one another.

I spent some time in the studio with the amazing Wendi Bergamini and Constantine Germanacos to record two duets from my show, “The Story of Bea and Ben.” You can check out more on my projects page. Enjoy!

Piano Palooza!

Tomorrow night at Kutztown University I am performing with 5 other amazing pianists in an evening of piano music. I am also premiering a new tango for four hands.
Final Piano Palooza Poster

New Recording!

photo-20At the beginning of the year I set out to start recording my songs. Particularly ones from my show The Story of Bea and Ben. The first two songs I recorded were for the character, George, the charming, naive optimist who falls for Lily at first glance. To record the songs, I had the opportunity to work with Joseph Medeiros; Joe has performed in numerous Broadway shows and is amazing to work with. We recorded at Millrose Music Studio. Enjoy!


Micah YoungWelcome to the launch of my new website!  Check out what’s new; recordings of my songs, updates on performances, and vocal coachings.

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